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Summer Events Around Atlanta

Things To Do Around Atlanta Over The Summer

Whether you are a visitor or just looking for fun ways to spend your summer in Atlanta, there are lots of events going down this summer that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Don’t miss out! Here are some of the events you and your friends can indulge in these coming two months.

1. Clear Your Mind Up with Yoga

If you are a fitness enthusiast, Laudermilk Centre will be hosting three days of yoga during the Dirty South Yoga Fest starting on August 9th. Free your mind and get fit participating in 50 classes of yoga conducted by local instructors.

2. Go Wine Tasting

This year’s Atlanta Summer Wine Festival will go down at City Winery on August 10. You will have the opportunity to explore over fifty drinks in two 4-hour sessions. Tag your friends along and have a good time sampling different wines, beers, and ciders. There will also be live music as well as a DJ playing your favorite jams.

3. Feed your Mind at a 3-Day Book Festival

Decatur Book Festival starts on August 30 and gives you three days to sample all types of books, be part of panel conversations, author readings, and book signings. There will also be cooking demos for a break from all the mind-stimulating activities.

4. Begin the New School Year with A Back-to-School Bash

Atlanta Public School students and their families are in for an exciting back-to-school bash this summer to be held at Georgia World Congress Centre on August 10. The event is exclusive to the Atlanta Public Schools fraternity and will include lots of fun activities, free health screenings and educational as well as after-school resources. There’ll also be a free backpack with school supplies given to students. You only need to present your APS report card to get the backpack.

5. Indulge Your Taste Buds at Food Festivals

Your adventurous palate is in for a treat given the numerous food festivals taking place in Atlanta this summer. Attend the Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival on July 14 at Westsides Provision District and get a chance to take home Ford Fry’s recent cookbook after filling your tummy with as much tomato dishes as you can. Or visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden for the Atlanta Eats on July 15 for a wide variety of dishes made by local chefs. End the month with lots of ice cream at the annual Atlanta Ice Cream Festival to be held at Piedmont Park on July 27.

With lots of activities to choose from, you can be sure that the time you will spend in Atlanta this summer will be a memorable one!