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Prom Night Survival Guide

Prom night is the most important night that you will likely experience this year. It’s so important that you need to avoid the risk of embarrassment and being unprepared for the unexpected. This Prom Night Survival Guide is designed to help you prepare for your prom night, take emergency precautions and pack a prom night survival kit. At Casey Corporate Transportation, we want you to really enjoy this special event and be safe.

Three Tips to Help You Prepare for Prom Night

There are several things you can do in advance to help your prom night run smoothly. Prom night comes early this year so you don’t have a lot of time left – you need to take action now.

  1. Get your funds straight – Proms are not cheap and you will need money on prom night. You can start saving part of your allowance or paycheck so you can get all the goodies that you will need to truly max out your prom night. Don’t overlook doing lawn work, walking dogs, washing cars and babysitting to earn extra dollars prior to the prom. You can save money by packing your lunch, saving all your jingly change and asking Mom and Dad for extra chores.

  2. Plan your after prom event in advance – Get your group together and determine exactly where you all want to go to keep the celebration going. Planning in advance can reduce wait times and ensure availability at special event venues and restaurants.

  3. Plan a cool road trip – If you have not booked your ride for the prom, it may already be too late. Don’t wait only to discover that all the limos in town are already booked. Also, consider renting a limo bus. This makes for a great road trip with a dozen of your best friends. This way you can share the cost, party all the way to the prom, secure your transportation to your after prom event and arrive home safely. Check out the Prom Night Special Casey Corporate Transportation is offering this year.

Three Prom Night Emergency Precautions

The last thing you want to experience on your prom night is an unexpected emergency. But should this happen, you need to be prepared to get help. These next three tips are extremely important steps that you can take to minimize an emergency should you have one on prom night.

  1. Completely charge your cell phone – Your cell phone will allow you to stay in contact with your friends but it also connects you to your parents or the police should there be an emergency while you are out. Charge your cell phone completely before you leave home and then limit your calls so that it will be available should you need it for an emergency.

  2. Memorize your parent’s cell phone numbers – You can contact your parents if your cell phone is working properly, but if for some reason you lose it or it loses charge, you may have to contact your parents using another phone. Do yourself a favor and commit your parent’s cell phone number to memory. You may not need it, but if you do you will be prepared.

  3. Tell your parents your exact flight plan – Your parents want you to enjoy your prom night, but they are also going to be concerned that you are safe. Tell your parents all of your plans for the evening and be sure that you don’t change plans without notifying them. Things do come up and you and your friends might change your mind about what you want to do after the prom, but it is very important that your parents know where you are at all times. Make it your responsibility to keep your parents informed of your whereabouts.

Prom Night Survival Guide

Prom night is just around the corner. Even though you want your evening to be perfect, let’s face it – stuff happens. That’s why you have to be prepared to avoid a prom night disaster. You should plan to pack a survival kit. You can leave it in a safe place at the prom venue or perhaps in your limousine. Packing these items will help you have a great prom night.

  1. Breath mints – You are going to be really close to your date and friends and the last thing you want to do is offend them with smelly breath. Keep plenty of breath mints handy.

  2. Extra money – You should be ready to cover all special perks during your prom such as the cost of your post prom activity or for gratuity to your waitress or chauffeur. You may even want to help out a friend who needs a little extra cash. It’s always safe to carry extra money.

  3. Band aides – These are perfect to help minimize the pain you are bound to feel from those new shoes after several twirls around the dance floor. Put them in place to avoid blisters on your tootsies.

  4. Hand sanitizer – You are going to be shaking hands with nervous classmates, or your hands may be the clammy ones. Avoid spreading germs by using hand sanitizer before eating and whenever you need to freshen up.

  5. Safety pins – These little gems are perfect for trouser hems as well as broken spaghetti straps on gowns.

  6. Handkerchiefs – These pocket size cloths help keep the sweat off your brow and minimize shine on your face as you dance the night away.

  7. Stain remover – If you drop a little food on your lapel or dress, a good stain remover stick can help it from ruining your outfit.

At Casey Corporate Transportation, we hope that you have a wonderful prom night that creates great memories. Using this guide should help you plan and enjoy your prom night. If you have not booked your transportation, we still have cars and buses available. Visit our Prom Special site to get the info and book your ride today.